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First, the application of LED work lights

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First, the application of LED work lights
Issue Time:2018-05-30
First, the application of LED work lights
Car lights, truck lights, off-road lights, mechanical lights, agricultural machinery, ambulance lights, construction lights, logging lights, excavator lights, forklift lights, coal mine headlights, snow lights, hunting vehicles Lamps, armored headlights, tank lighting, etc. Vehicle lighting and mining or mining, patrolling, rabbit hunting and other special or mobile lighting

Second, LED work lights for a wide range of applications
With a unique glass process, the light-gathering surface can be used for fog lamps and auxiliary lights; the flood surface can be used for work lights, engineering lights, etc. The customer is requested to determine the application of the desired product and select the corresponding mirror to achieve the best performance;

      LED automotive work lights and headlight products are based on the forefront of the industry and lead the industry trend. All products are uniquely shaped, some products are original and forward-looking, and they effectively solve the problems of high-power LED heat dissipation and light attenuation. The material selection is reasonable and the stability is good. High technology, beautiful and practical.