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What is LED headlamp?

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What is LED headlamp?
Issue Time:2018-03-31
What is LED headlamp?
    The LED headlights refer to all headlights using LED.
"Audi A8 W12 full LED headlights"
LED technology development
    Most halogen models are still using ordinary halogen headlights, and better models use xenon headlamps. At most, some innovations have been made in the construction of the light group. The use of the optical principle of the lens and reflector lamp has been used to improve the efficiency of the light. However, the light set itself is not technologically innovative enough.
『LED width light』
    In 2008, Audi first used LED display width lights on the A4, starting with the era of LED headlights. Afterwards, many manufacturers began to follow suit and began to use LED wide light. Now Europe has even started to make laws and regulations. For driving safety, all LED lights must be equipped with LED display lights. However, all manufacturers only stayed in the step of LED display lights, and did not further innovate.
    Until the 2010 launch of the Audi A8 and the second-generation Mercedes-Benz CLS, the true meaning of the LED headlights appeared before people's attention.
Mercedes-Benz CLS full LED headlight profile
    Mercedes-Benz CLS's headlights employ a total of 71 LEDs, 16 low-beam lights, 8 high beam lights, 13 turn signals, 22 wide-width lights, 2 auxiliary corner lights, and 10 other lights.
    In particular, the width of the 22 LED lights, although this is not the first Mercedes-Benz, but Mercedes-Benz developed and innovated him. I believe that the shape of the LED width lamp will become another important feature of a model. For example, if you look at the LED width lights below, it will be easy to distinguish between a daytime and a black day. This is a Mercedes-Benz CLS.
    The color temperature of this full LED headlight is around 5400K, the lighting effect is closer to ordinary daylight, and the lighting effect looks more natural. At the same time, the energy consumption is lower than that of an ordinary xenon lamp, and the service life can be replaced for a lifetime (except, of course, the damage caused by external forces).
    All LED headlamps have surpassed existing xenon headlamps in almost all their features and are less expensive (of course, this technology is not yet widely available. Manufacturers will certainly use this technology as a selling point. Although the cost is low, the price is certainly high. not cheap). Therefore, there is no reason why the full LED headlights do not replace the traditional headlights. This is only a matter of time. I believe it will not be too long.