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The advantages of LED headlights

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The advantages of LED headlights
Issue Time:2018-03-06

The advantages of LED headlights

1, energy saving, 20W power up to halogen 55W, xenon lamp 35W the same lighting effects

2, environmental protection, no xenon lamp light pollution, no longer worried about the car, passers-by were unable to adapt to the environment outside the incident occurred

3, high efficiency, the maximum effective energy conversion of up to 95%, no light lamp delay, no strong current impact, effectively protect the car comes with battery, improve battery life of more than 30%

4, long life, the service life of 50,000 hours, according to the average daily use of lamp conversion, LED headlamps life of 5-8 years

5, less color decline, the use of imported high-quality chip package integration, 20W up to 2000 lumens luminous flux, each continuous use of 1000 hours, the loss of 2 lumens

6, fast cooling, the appearance of the most advanced design, cooling structure clever and reasonable,

Xenon lamp color difference, HID color difference is about 600K

8, less warranty, power-driven use of wide-voltage constant current mode, can address a variety of automotive voltage instability, the effective protection of Led efficient use of normal, and simple structure, less damage to components, rework probability is very low, than HID stability Rework low 80% above

9,0 induction start, xenon lamp need to start slowly

10, fever, low temperature protection car, xenon lamp temperature up to 800 degrees -1000 degrees, the main reason car auto-ignition

11, zero failure, zero rework, still in xenon lamp 5% rework rate entangled?

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