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HID xenon lamp system installation tips

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HID xenon lamp system installation tips
Issue Time:2018-03-04
HID xenon lamp system installation tips

HID car headlight system, please carefully read the product manual!

HID device step
Step 1: Let the car engine cooling for at least 10 minutes to avoid scalding the tank and the engine when the device;
Step 2: Remove the HID headlamps, divide the HID headlamps and Ballast into two groups for unit-by-unit installation;
Step 3: Remove the headlight power connector, waterproof rubber cover and old headlamp;
Step 4: HID headlamp device in the headlight holder;
Step 5: Determine the correct headlamp device is fixed to prevent headlamp base deformation;
Step 6: Make sure the waterproof rubber cover is installed;
Step 7: Fix Ballast and Tension Line Group;
Step 8: Combine the ballast power input with the car power headlamp;
Step 9: Connect the HID headlamp harness to the Ballast harness;
Step 10: Check all device steps to determine the positive and negative device is correct, you can open the headlights;
Step 11: Check the headlight irradiation height and distance, and make appropriate adjustments to avoid glare too strong;
Step 12: The device is completed, enjoy the fun of driving at night!

Safety precautions (must be read before use)
1, HID system will produce high voltage (about 23KV), the device (disassembly), please pay full attention. Before operating the unit, check the condition of the product [Ballast, Bulb Kit], such as wire damage, plastic leakage, terminal damage, and leakage of high-voltage wires. Terminate the operation immediately.
2, HID headlamps and ballast (Ballast), connecting terminals, please do not arbitrarily change. Will have a high voltage after lighting, will cause the body leakage risk.
3, headlight (Headlight) light or just turn off the lights, hands or skin do not touch, do not touch the water directly when washing the car. Headlight heat can cause burns.
* When washing or touching the headlight, please fully cool before working.
4, be sure to check the location of the beam axis (Beam axis) is moderate, and adjusted as appropriate. The system has a higher brightness than the Halogen bulb. If the Beam axis is not adjusted well or the Beam axis is intentionally pointed upward, accidents may occur. Be sure to check and adjust the system.
5, when lighting, do not look directly at the light. Therefore, it may cause eye pain or impaired vision. When lighting, do not get near vision.
6, please pay attention to the device (6.2 ~ 21V) and positive and negative electrodes.
7, the device HID, please use the wiring group.
8, the device, please pay special attention to the positive and negative power supply grounding electrode, if the car is a special specification, the positive electrode is grounded, the ballast and body contact will have a flashover phenomenon, such vehicles need to add device Equipped with diode wiring group, otherwise it will be dangerous.
9, the device HID headlights:
1) Please pay attention to whether the power cord is the power cord of safety standard UL1015 (TEW, single wire).
2), UL1015, TEW, AWG24 or the wire diameter is too small, please use the wiring set to avoid air wave damage to electrical equipment.
10. When installing the HID headlamp, please turn off all the power and turn on all the power after the device is fully lit to avoid surge impact Ballast.
11, HID headlamps and ordinary car headlights lighting in different ways, when the switch "on", HID Ballast (Ballast) will automatically continue to light up until lit. If it is not turned on immediately, please wait for 2 minutes, the system will automatically light up. If still unable to light, should immediately turn off the switch to the car repair shop inspection.
12, please do not start the engine while lighting to protect and extend the life of the HID lamp.
13, To test the HID lamp before installation, please use the DC-12V battery test to prevent the non-standard power supply from damaging the HID ballast.
14, Please pay special attention to the Ballast and the high voltage box. Keep the distance between the devices and the following locations so as to prevent the Ballast from overheating, causing the HID lamp to go out and increase the danger of night driving:
1), spark plug and spark plug line.
2), electronic carburetor line.
3), tanks and engines at high temperatures.
4), choose a good location for ventilation and cooling.
5), to avoid water, water leakage location.
15, If the HID two lights start, there are delays, please swap the HID lamp group, if the delay is still the same, said the power system is unbalanced, please install the wiring group.

Precautions when using:
1, parking (such as traffic lights), do not frequently lights / lights.
Repeated light on / off the lamp will damage the headlights of the electrode, resulting in shortened system life or not lighting problems. [Note] Headlight switch ON The intervals of on / off are too short to allow lighting.
2, the following situation is caused by the use of the environment or the situation, not because of poor product.
1) When the weather is cold (below 0 degrees Celsius), the lighting start-up time is slower than normal (1 ~ 2 seconds), not malfunction.
3, the use does not light, please follow the following steps for a simple inspection.
1) Please open the vehicle to a safe place as soon as possible;
2) Turn the headlight switch to off state and turn it on after a few seconds.
3) If the situation is not improved after performing the above operations, turn off all the lighting switches (excluding the hazard lights) for about 10 to 20 minutes before turning on the lights.
* After the above inspection, returning to normal state indicates that the microcomputer memory (CPU) in the ballast is adversely affected by engine cooling. Continue to use no problem. If the situation is not rectified or if there are any other problems, please re-open the vehicle to the nearest parking facility and contact the shop where the purchase was made or the device to find a solution to the problem.
4, If you find inconsistencies between the two headlamps lit or only a single lamp lit, indicating that the power system is not balanced, please install the wiring group.
5, summer, mountain climbing at night and the highway for a long time, the engine is easy to overheat, if you find the headlights suddenly extinguished, do not panic! This phenomenon indicates the HID ballast (Ballast) device location caused by overheating, please immediately turn off the headlamp power supply, the car driving to the road to be cooled, you can automatically return to normal and go to the car repair shop to adjust the device location .
6, headlamp rupture or leaking phenomenon, the rain is absolutely forbidden to turn on the lights, so as to avoid danger.
7, if found unable to close the phenomenon, said the wiring error, please correct it immediately.
8. When the headlight switch is "on", do not frequently light on / off the HID lamp if it can not be lit immediately. Wait patiently for the ballast CPU system to automatically turn on and on until it lights up. If it does not light within 1 to 5 minutes, please go to the auto repair shop to check it. Otherwise, the ballast will be burned out. This operation is not proper and is not covered by the product warranty.
9, V-WIN Corporation and authorized service providers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of this product, including loss of profits, property damage, personal injury or death.

Line group device program:
Normal device program
① then ballast (Ballast) power supply
② car body (negative)
③ connect the battery (positive)
④ power control connector

* If the car is an anode body
① Ballast positive and negative electrode wiring is reversed
② car body (positive)
③ connect the battery (negative)
④ power control wiring the opposite
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