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Xenon lamp before loading must know a few questions

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Xenon lamp before loading must know a few questions
Issue Time:2018-03-01
Xenon lamp before loading must know a few questions

1, xenon lamp classification

    Xenon lamps according to the form of light bulbs can be divided into about six types: high beam with lens, low beam with lens (these two lamps are generally used in the original xenon lamp system such as PST, Audi, etc.) H1 (high beam bulb H3, H4, H4, F4, H7, H7 (low beam bulb) In fact, the types of xenon bulb are: H1, H3, H4, H4 H7, H8, H9, H10.H11, H13,9004,9005,9006,9007 D1C, D2C, D2S, D2R, 880,881 Color temperature: 4300K, 5100K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K Color bulb Purple, dark blue, pink, green and so on.


2, xenon lamp system modified way, the general two

A, one is a more luxurious general conversion - that is, the general name of the headlights and light bulbs change. The effect of this approach did not have to say, but there are two limitations First: the price is too high; Polaris Hella assembly more than 3000 and Hella's bulbs, 300--500. The second assembly by the original manufacturer's accessories, if the model simply does not have a xenon lamp assembly, there is no solution. Such as small cut, it is certainly not the original xenon lamp assembly.

B, the second is only for the light bulb it.


3, the process of conversion

Only change the lamp xenon lamp, the product contains four parts: booster, ballast These two things are the size of the cigarette box iron box, fixed to the car on the line, light bulbs, wires. Do not modify the line, as long as the original received the light bulb on the line, coupled to boost up on it, is very simple.


4, decided to be modified before the need to consider a clear risk

A, on the issue of high-frequency interference

Xenon lamp start moment need 23000 volts of high pressure. There is a certain possibility of interference with the car electrical appliances, such as audio, Polaris seems to interfere with the wiper phenomenon. The proportion of occurrence is very small, but there is a possibility, you need to be mentally prepared.

B, on the issue of penetration

Xenon lamp k-number is relatively high, according to the optical principle, the higher the k-number more easily covered by low-k number of lights, the general street lights only 2000k below. no significant effect. Need to adapt. But if you look at the reflector, you know that the light is bright enough. The darker the environment, the better the xenon lamp effect. Especially walking the dark mountain road, you will find his cute. But there is a more noteworthy issue: xenon lamp penetration in the rain, snow and fog weather is relatively poor, more serious decline. Need to like the extreme off-road brothers think about it. Chong practical application of view, several rain and snow in Beijing, feeling the penetration of xenon lamp though decreased, but did not feel much worse than the halogen lamp, because of his brightness is also reduced by half than the halogen light it.

C, on the issue of light speakers

Because of the characteristics of xenon lamp itself, from light to the maximum brightness takes a few seconds. May not feel so flashy headlights. From the actual feedback point of view, not so serious: First of all: the first time the flashlight, the light is relatively weak, but still the sentence - but enough to use half of his brightness is much brighter than halogen. And - then there's basically no brightness lag behind the headlights. Should be the role of capacitors. Xenon lamp light horn will not have a great impact.

D, after loading finished xenon lamp effect of the problem

After the installation of the effect of the most important are two: First, the lighting of the tune, we must tune the light. Xenon lamp is already very bright, slightly adjusted, it will have a great impact on other vehicles. So be sure to dimming for others. The second is very important: is the general quality of the lamp itself - and this is what we can not change: In general: far and near light circular lamp bowl effect is very good, the worst effect is far and near light one Square lamp lamp, which in turn Polaris as the worst. Unfortunately, the small cut is this. I did not carefully read the small cut lamp. Interested can take a closer look at the small cut light is very divergent, if not very divergent. Should not be a problem, if too divergent, or forget it.

E, security issues

Xenon lights should be a mature conversion, do not change the original car line should not be a problem, the key is to fix the various components, do not use poor quality lamp.
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