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HID kits

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HID kits
Issue Time:2014-10-21


> The near-white light produced by HID headlamps improves visibility and makes it easier to 
see distant objects.
> Concise and reasonable circuit layout realizes over-voltage protection, under-voltage 
protection, short circuit protection and reverse connection protection. 
> iDSP HID Ballast will be on the process of potting adhensive, making them waterproof , 
dustproof and anti-vibration.
> simple and convenient wiring design, plug and play, needn’t relocate.
> Super brightness superiors to other HID lamps, making nighttime bright as daytime, for you 
unlimited happy and safety guarantee during driving.

1) How long have you been in business? 
09 began to produce this type of lamp
2) What are your shipping terms? (FOB, CIF, DDP?) 
3) What is your OEM packaging inside and outside? What is in every single box? 
Neutral packing, foam inside box+ outside box+ Carton
4) Lead time from order placed/payment received to port (China) 
Base on the quantity,small order: 1-3days, bulk order: 7-15days
5) Where do you source your CREE LEDs from? 
Intact imported from United States.
6) Your quality guidelines? Your defect rate? 
Our repair rate has been control in 1/1000 
7) Warranty? How long? 
We have, 12moths
8) Manufacturer capacity? 
250 million yuan
9) Type of testing? What testing machines? 
Waterproof test , burn-in test, Antistatic, Integrating sphere 1, carving machine, 2 salt spray 
test machine,1 shock tester,1 EMCRF SHIELD ROOM, Darkroom
10) Certifications? IP rating? 
11) What is your light output efficiency? Lumens/watt? 
We have 9W-288W 
Epistart chip:80lm/W CREE: 90lm/W
12) Aluminum or copper circuit board? 
Aluminum substrate
13) Aluminum or nylon housing mold? 
Aluminium alloy extrusion profiles
14) Features: Lens type? Steel type? Paint type? Heat sink? 
Lens type: PC or tempered glass,Heat sink: heat shrink tubing
15) Optical efficiency? Power consumption? 
That must have the consumption during the burn-in test, but for the concrete data, we do not 
have the calculation.
16) What sets you apart from other factories?
We started production of this type of 09 lamp manufacturers, an earlier we are manufacturer 
of this type lamp, technical experience. We do OEM for Europe and the United States 70 
brands, our quality received the affirmation of the industry!