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Hotsale led light

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Hotsale led light
Issue Time:2014-09-23

The advantage of led light saving , 20W halogen lamp power up to 55W, 35W Xenon same lighting

   effects.Car h4 led headlight bulbs



2.environmental protection , there is no light pollution xenon lamp , no longer

   worry about cars, passers-by were unable to adapt to the environment outside

   the irradiation occurs. Car h4 led headlight


3.high efficiency, maximum effective energy conversion up to 95% , lights lit

   without delay, there is no strong currents instant impact , effectively protecting

   the car comes with a battery , the battery life increased by more than 30%.


4.long life, service life of 50,000 hours , according to the translation of the average

   daily use of time lights , LED headlamps life of 5-8 years.


5.less useless, the use of imported high-quality integrated chip package , 20W up

   to 2000 lumens luminous flux per 1000 hours of continuous use , the loss of two

   lumens. Car h4 led headlight heat dissipation , the appearance of the most advanced design , ingenious

   cooling structure is reasonable,Xenon lamp color obviously , HID color at

   around 600K. Car h4 led headlight


8.Warranty less power driver with wide voltage constant current mode , the car

   can respond to a variety of voltage instability , the effective protection of

   normal use Led efficient and simple structure , fewer components damaged,

   repair the probability is very low , compared with HID stability Rework is

   lower than 80%. Car h4 led headlight


9.When the sensor starts , xenon lights need to slowly start. Car h4 led headlight


10.low temperature heat protection car , xenon lights temperatures up to

     800 ° -1000 ° , the main reason for car ignition. Car h4 led headlight faults , zero rework , still 5% xenon lamp failure rates tangled ?