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led work light

led work light
Issue Time:2014-09-10

Hotsale led work light




1. Low consumption, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. High quality, professional chips and competitive price 4x4 led work light

3. Maintenance Free, Easy and Fast Installation

4. Easy to replace old bulbs

5. Pure color with nice appearance

6. Long life span. One can be use 2 or 3years or more.

7. OEM and ODM are welcome.

8. High Intensity and high brightness tr

uck led work light
9. Available in a range of colors.

10. Defective rate<0.2%



1.Work lamp, fog lamp, daytime driving lamp,ect.

2.Available in the auxiliary lamp for forklift, truck, earth-moving equipment, fire engine, ambulance.

3.Off road vehicles, ATV, SUV, UTE,etc

4.Boat cabin light, hunting light.

5.Outdoor professional engineering light, such as construction light, mining light, etc.

6.Outdoor living lighting, such as camping, fishing, BBQ,etc.