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Next we come to a detailed understanding of the history of HID xenon lamp gas development, and the status quo.

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Next we come to a detailed understanding of the history of HID xenon lamp gas development, and the status quo.
Issue Time:2014-08-08
HID xenon lamp development history and current situation   Next we come to a detailed understanding of the history of HID xenon lamp gas development, and the status quo. 1990s Philips, OSRAM, GE and other large companies invested a lot of manpower and material resources to develop car headlights dedicated metal halide lamp, metal halide light effects based on, 50W metal halide lamp luminous flux of up to 4000lm above, is four times 55WH type tungsten halogen lamp luminous flux, apparently not necessary, the final selection of 35W metal halide lamps, the luminous flux of 3000lm above, is three times 55WH type tungsten halogen lamps, has had enough, so that the energy consumption of about 40W to lengthen battery life is also good. But the original metal halide lamp production equipment and technology can not be mass-produced qualified 35W metal halide lamp, it must develop new production processes and equipment, must be selected purer and better materials than metal halide lighting in order to achieve the required more than 3000 hours of life (3000 hours point five hours a day can be used 600 days, that is at least two years without changing a light bulb). The study found that xenon gas discharge itself will be issued 6000K white light efficiency 20lm / W or so (already a tungsten halogen light effect), the xenon gas discharge is still at a wavelength of 1μm have a strong infrared, can be a few seconds to a few tens rapid heating within seconds of arc discharge tube shell, from room temperature rises above 800 ℃, so Halide reach normal operating state, so to meet the requirements of automobile headlights. In order to reliably restart the moment, charging was found to be 6 to 8 atm of xenon (thermal reached about 25 atmospheres), in order to achieve a reliable instantaneous restart, because the temperature of the lamp to extinguish the arc tube 1 sec to 700 ℃, the majority of the composite to the metal atom has a metal halide, mercury vapor and leaving a xenon gas, the two gases to a certain proportion of the minimum ignition voltage is formed (that is, the Penning effect), with the impulse high voltage can be quickly discharge lights. This is the working principle of Xenon metal halide lamp.         The last century (1995) in accordance with the European Community, Philips and other companies to provide practical 35W car No. ECER99 regulations promulgated xenon metal halide lamp structure and optical parameters, which is 35W Car Xenon metal halide lamp mounted EC sedan provides a legal basis. Since then, European cars from luxury cars to start configuring 35W Metal Halide Xenon headlights for headlamp, the rapid expansion of this century configure annually. Japan fully adopted ECER99 regulations as Japanese standard, IEC has been developed by ECER99 main content of the standards and regulations, China has planned to develop GB.         Because of the many advantages of Xenon metal halide lamp: energy saving, high brightness, safety, comfort and long life and by the automotive industry and the drivers love, extremely rapid development. Europe and Japan have all been adopted in high-end car xenon metal halide lamp for car headlights, cars also have to change the lamp, driving vehicles in Japan for more than 80% of vehicles traveling in Europe more than 60% have adopted such lights, its requirements are increasing by 13% annually rapidly.         Of several new vehicles such as the Audi A6, Passat 2.8, Sonata 2.7, Teana 3.5, also have adopted Xenon metal halide lamp. Is actively engaged in a variety of mid-range car ready for lights. Although the lights converted fledgling market, the market share of less than 5%, but the southeast coast has been very active. As people deepen understanding of this lamp, headlight conversion market will rise rapidly, Xenon metal halide lamp will finally replace all incandescent light bulbs. Guangzhou Liwin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd