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HID development history

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HID development history
Issue Time:2014-07-18

HID development history
HID lights known as the 21st century revolutionary automotive lighting products. With the rapid development of automobile technology, computers, smart air conditioning, GPS, LCD DVD system audio, mobile phones, have gradually become the basic configuration of cars. The equipment requires power, and car headlights lighting power consumption is one of the largest auto parts. In order to reduce the load on the car battery to extend battery life, but the main thing is to improve the quality of automotive lighting, reducing the driver's visual fatigue, ensure traffic safety.
     Early on, the car headlights using a tungsten filament incandescent lamp, only the dim light of early feeding slower cars. The past two decades, and now the car has been converted halogen lighting (Halogen) of the world. Each pieces of the lamp light emission efficiency of 17-20 lm / W, most of size 55/65 W, the luminous flux of about 1,500 lumens, this light is very harsh, mostly in the partial spectrum emitted red / yellow region, a period of time after degradation of light-emitting ability, can not meet the requirements of road lighting. It is found that many motorists replace 100/110 watt bulbs special white special specifications to improve the luminous intensity to meet the needs of driving at night. But because power consumption is too great, the battery is not hanging point is generating early demise, but also because of the heat lamp too much, causing the front glass broken lights, or light-reflective coating inside the containment due to thermal expansion and peeling, even fracture deformation.
     Into the 21st century, has launched a new automotive lighting revolution, Europe has taken the lead limousine equipped by the Philips company spent five years successfully developed HID car headlamps. This includes a new Xenon headlights, also known as high-intensity discharge lamps or gas discharge lamps, the abbreviation HID (High Intensity Discharge Lamp). Currently, only the new Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus sports car, the Honda Acura these high-end vehicles are using this new headlamps. Xenon lamp brightness, hue and bright sunlight emit relatively close, low power consumption, high reliability, the car is not affected by voltage fluctuations, greatly improve the visibility of night driving. Xenon lights from small quartz bulbs, transformers and electronic units. After power through the transformer, within a few microseconds between 20,000 volts boost to the high-voltage pulse applied over the metal electrodes in a quartz bulb, incentives matter (xenon gas inside the bulb, a small amount of mercury vapor, metal halide matter) in the arc ionization produced light. Due to high temperatures lead to collisional excitation, and with the increased pressure to make line spectrum with spectral broadening formation. Light switch is turned on within three seconds, a xenon lamp that produces the equivalent of three times the 55-watt halogen lamp as the light flux.
     The main difference between xenon and halogen lamp is that the former gas ionized by light, which is heated tungsten light. Although the luminous arc xenon lamp with a tungsten halogen lamp as the length of the diameter, but the luminous efficiency and brightness increased by 3 times. Because no filament, no brittle breaking the traditional lamp defect, life expectancy increased by nearly 10 times. According to tests, a 35-watt xenon light source can produce 55 watt halogen three times the flux, the use of time with the car life almost. Therefore, the installation of xenon lamp will not only reduce energy consumption, but also a corresponding increase in vehicle performance, more prosperous city every seat has contributed to eco-friendly, halogen xenon lamps to replace the car will be the inevitable trend of development.

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