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HID xenon lamp advantages

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HID xenon lamp advantages
Issue Time:2014-06-24

HID xenon lamp advantages: saving original vehicles 55W halogen headlights mostly takes down power, and some brands of Car HID gas discharge headlamps groups operate in a stable ballast, only 35W of power to supply of xenon light bulbs. Greatly reduce the burden of vehicle electrical systems, the corresponding increase in vehicle performance. 2 super bright HID lights can output up to 3200Lumen brightness, and general halogen bulbs produce maximum brightness 1000Lumen only up and down. That Car HID brightness of 300%, according to the taller, wider, farther, and even a small corner of wildflowers, small stones and roadside drainage ditch are allowed. (Note: Lumen brightness units called "lumens") 3 color temperature very comfortable HID lights can produce around 4000K color temperature of light is close to the color of the midday sun, the highest acceptance and comfort of the human eye. Such lights on at night with the lighting of the vehicle, the driver can reduce visual fatigue, driving safety also indirectly help. 4 long life HID lamp life up to 2500 hours, greatly exceeded the total number of hours the night of the car in general. Because the use of tungsten halogen lamps to emit light, and tungsten in the long-term fever, there is no guarantee not blown damage; however Car HID lamp current to stimulate the gas light, basically does not produce high temperature, so long as one of the Xenon not run out, it could have been normal light, easy to damage! 5 easy to install just need to insert the original Xenon lamp light holes, fixed high pressure module, plug in the power cable. Vehicles do not need to change the original parts. 6 security will not be soaked in water or water vapor factors have burst. When an accident occurs, high voltage sensing circuit within the module can be immediately cut off high-voltage, to protect the safety of personnel. High insulation of wires and anti-electromagnetic interference (EMC / EMI) is designed to make you sit back and relax. Four positive and negative characteristics of reverse power protection: To prevent inadvertent installation personnel to install the ballast reverse polarity, this product has a corresponding protection circuit in the circuit, when the positive and negative reversed automatically when the ballast Close to stop working ② undervoltage protection: To prevent the bulb will run out of battery power the car, causing the car does not start, when the car's battery voltage is lower than 9V automatically turn off when the ballast stop working ③ overvoltage protection: In order to prevent excessive burning lamp and allow owners time to discover the fault of the vehicle, when the vehicle power supply system and battery fails, the voltage may exceed 16V ballast automatically shut down to stop working when ④ short circuit, open circuit voltage protection: When an accident or short circuit, open circuit phenomenon ballast immediately cut off the circuit, to prevent the risk of electrical shock or detonation tank to ensure the safety of life and vehicle ⑤ ultra-low temperature: this product under normal operating state the maximum temperature is only 60 ℃, so the town The current work provides another layer of security to protect and prolong the life of the product. ⑥ slim: This product has been uniquely designed with a super-slim, fast heat dissipation. ⑦ constant power: This product has been truly unique circuit design 35W constant power output fast start, no flashing. Standard: Our products have been tested to achieve the following criteria: anti-EMI performance meets GM9112 standards, in line GM9114 interference (EMI) emission standards, anti conducted EMI performance meets the GM9116, GM9105 standards Conducted Immunity EMI meets GM9115 standard five certification: products through the European E11 and U.S. DOT certification Six Notes: round sphere of yellow and black material necessary for the HID rare form of non-impurity final color temperature and color Description: Color is the so-called color of the light bulb, generally 6000K white as the base, The bluish above 6000K, 6000K below the yellow, and so on! Recommended loading lighting friends to buy, if not the lighting, thrill-seeking friends like personality of 6000K, the color temperature according to your favorite choice. 3000K-gold light, strong penetration for rain and fog days, commonly used in fog lights 4300K-yellowish white light, similar to ordinary light, penetrating power 6000K-light all white, like the midday sun, visual comfort, is penetrating and comfort of the best combination of points, but the rain and fog day penetrating power in general. The band 8000K-white, blue, penetrating power than the 6000K is weak, is not recommended to use more than this number of bulbs K 10000K-bluish white, the higher the K number, the more blue light emitted, the weaker the penetration of rain and fog days 12000K-biased blue-purple, decorative, driving rain and fog days inconvenience. 15000K-20000K-violet violet light

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