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D1c hid xenon Lamp parameters

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D1c hid xenon Lamp parameters
Issue Time:2014-05-31

D1c hid xenon Lamp parameters:
1 ) Color temperature : about 3000K ( golden yellow ), 5000K (OEM white ), 6000K ( Diamond White ), 8000K ( Iceberg Blue ), 10000K ( light blue ), 12000K ( exotic purple ), 30000K ( Pink Purple )
2 ) Output Power : 35 Watt
3 ) Start Voltage : 23KV
4 ) Luminous flux : 2800Lm ± 200LM
5 ) Life: 3000 hours
Axis 6) H4 h / l and low lights can be adjusted up and down 1.0 mm , 4.0 mm after adjustment
Product salient features: 1 , saving fuel , power is only 35W. 2 , long life of 3,000 hours . 3, with low voltage protection, high voltage protection , short circuit protection and reverse protection. 4 , the unique design of the ignition coil , good shielding effect , anti- electronic jamming . 5,100 % waterproof, weatherproof and shockproof .
● Xenon lamp color temperature of 3000K to clump 12000K, 6000K color temperature which is similar to sunlight , but with more green and blue component , thus rendering blue shade. This greatly improves the brightness of the blue colored light road signs and signs . ● HID halogen lamp three times higher brightness efficiency , to enhance the clarity of vision at night and fog driving had a significant effect . ● xenon lamp luminous flux emitted by the halogen lamp is more than three times , while electrical energy into light energy efficiency is also improved by more than 70% than the halogen lamps , xenon lamps are therefore relatively high energy density and light intensity , while the operating current of only halogen half of the lamp. Car headlights brightness increases also effectively expand the scope of the vision in front of the car , thus creating a safer driving conditions. ● Power 1 / 2 , halogen lamps consume electricity, just 35W xenon lamp power 60W or more. ● Because xenon lamp has no filament , filament and therefore would not have broken scrapped due to problems much longer life than halogen lamps , xenon lamps , representing the entire life cycle of the average running time inside the car . ● Xenon lights extinguished the event of failure will not be instantaneous , but by way of gradual darkening off, so that motorists can win in the night time driving, emergency pull over . ● xenon headlights will not produce unwanted glare, will not interfere with the driver of an oncoming vehicle
Other bulb types include: Bulb type : H1, H3 and H4, 9003, HB2, H6, H6m, H7, H8, H9, H10 9145, H11, H13, 9008,880 / 881 ( all 800 series ), 9004, HB1, 9005, HB3, 9006, HB4, 9007, HB5, D2S, D2R