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HID xenon lamp conversion considerations:

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HID xenon lamp conversion considerations:
Issue Time:2014-05-20

HID xenon lamp conversion considerations:
1 , Do not ballast mounted beside the heating element can generally be installed above the bumper to help dissipate heat.
2, do not install the ballast beside some wires , do not install closer to a place away from the water ; such as water tanks
Nearby. ( Excessive moisture can cause leakage and aging ballast )
3 , placed in a better position permeability to allow air flow to reduce the temperature of the ballast . Installation, a
Like on the relay line group , fuses exposed, easy to replace.
4, the high-voltage part of the ballast winding is not easy to avoid too large a magnetic field , and the impact of other electric cars
Devices. Wiring to the ballast down installation.
5, after the bulb is installed to ensure sealing.
6 , when installing a dedicated line group may bear traces general appearance, not connected to the heating element , so as to avoid high temperature
Cause electrical short circuit breaker . Use cable ties tied , do not touch the mechanical moving parts , resulting in unnecessary exposure .
7 , each interface , fuses, electrical tape strapping good use , in order to avoid loosening cause poor contact.
8 , when the lamp is installed, one side will not light , or flashes , the negative adjustment is generally the first group of dedicated lines
9, the installation of lights H4 model , if the light does not shine , not light , and will continue to flash , check H4
There is no connection of the positive and negative match , generally two types + + - and - + , a good match will return to normal .
10 , sometimes encounter is a positive frame of the car , the Jedi plastic bag To ballast , the ballast will work .
11 , after installation, without installing a dedicated line , in order to avoid excessive current when starting the car fuses on the original
Broken , replace the fuse to the original vehicle control more than 20 Abe .
Question 1 . "HID" and what is not the same as conventional headlights ?
Halogen bulb headlights using traditional use of " light-emitting combustion " method produces lighting , and " HID " is Lee
With a " jump -in -emitting " to lighting. The former is like when you barbecue , Fo Tan emitted light ; while the latter is similar to the factory
Light emitted when welding on site , which one of these two relatively bright light it ? You may wish to compare the actual observation . Root
According to experimental data, "HID" is three times the brightness of conventional light-emitting headlights , headlight illumination distance compared to traditional
Twice .

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