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Advantages of HID lamps:

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Advantages of HID lamps:
Issue Time:2014-05-18

Advantages of HID lamps: A. Long life: 2,500 hours, you can use more than about 5 years B. High brightness: about 3200lmC high efficiency:.. 67lm/WD low power consumption:. 35W-40WE enhance road safety and improve comfort F . super white arc light similar to daylight sunlight HID lamps drawback: A. high voltage (23000V) B. Price high (including high pressure CABLE, ballast, starter, etc.) C. design a long time (and halogen lights comparison) D. repair, and maintenance must be maintained by the factory, and high maintenance costs have interference E. F. mold fee is higher than the current headlights (resistant to UV light fixtures need to be designed for the car electronics)

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