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Features LIWIN CANBUS ballast solution include

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Features LIWIN CANBUS ballast solution include
Issue Time:2014-05-13
Features LIWIN CANBUS ballast solution include : Full digital control make protection more perfect ; MCU to control the details of each process , to better meet the demand characteristics of the lamp ; frequency control makes EMI minimize EMI and reduce the number of components ; combined hardware algorithm optimization , using a number of patented technologies to improve process control for HID and current limit protection treatment ; using planar transformer technology, effectively reduce the ballast thickness and volume ; support positive and negative startup drive form , adapt to the different circuits ballast programs ; ignition coil can be split and built-in output , low voltage leads and power lines short , easy installation and significantly reduced the volume of many LIWIN CANBUS ballast HID achieve high-performance MCU control functions , the device to achieve a comprehensive set of . control algorithms, including DC / DC, DC / AC, protection , etc. The whole program consists of MCU, drive and power components, the structure is very simple, and all the components have been optimized design, which has a good price. highly integrated enabling the number and size gets reduced , extensive use mount components to achieve a good thermal design and slim design . good supply topology and component parameters will enable the program to support wide voltage. Ballast is usually when the lights will reach a voltage of 23,000 V , there will be time to start electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated inside this complex electronic system would cause serious interference . LIWIN CANBUS digital smart take on ballast circuit many anti-jamming measures, such as frequency mode , good wiring , thus effectively reducing system costs while significantly reducing EMI. LIWIN CANBUS ballast, HID ballast is integrated on the basis of independent research and development and the advantages of domestic production , LIWIN ballast after three years of development history of success , while in our experiments with reality has exceeded nine percent now eighteen vehicles , success stories such as ; Mercedes-Benz, BMW , Audi , Volkswagen, Toyota. Honda , Hyundai, etc. within eight thousandths of vehicles , poor rate , we would not of sound in a very short time , LIWIN ballasts have the following features function 1 . Good price. 2 slim design . 3 Wide voltage design . 4 fully digital control and extensive protection. 5 automatic decoding, frequency work , anti-electromagnetic interference. 6.8 hours of continuous work, 100% full load burn-in , can be mass resistance . 7 low temperature, strong ability to adapt to the environment . Ballast operating parameters : Input voltage :9-18vDC Maximum output voltage : 23KV Maximum starting current : <5.5A Working temperature : -40 ℃ ± 105 ℃ switching times : 500000Times Output voltage : 85V ± 25V conversion efficiency: > 82% ( state stable ) rated working voltage : 13.2V rated current : 3.19A output Power : 35W ± 1W power to win the next electronic technology development efforts that strive to enter the vehicle matching to solve the peer can not solve the problem. LIWIN HID- let you pretend cars are assured !